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Warlike Hate and Grief

by Luctus

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Under the gray sky and black flags ov war Incredible silence reigns in the frontline Soon the battlefield will be painted with blood And the life will leave many bodies The cold fog hides the divisions While the drops ov the rain soaks the pale faces NO TIME for emotions, NO LIFE for the weak Keep your weapon and deform into a beast! As a pack ov wolves attack the prey The soldier reaches and stabs the enemy Between shoots, explosions ov grenades and screams The rain blends with blood and mud The bullets fist the flesh, the Panzers crack the skulls Soldiers falling one by one While the battlefield is adorned by death The frontline becomes a dreadful picture made by blood
This is your tunnel without exit I am a Wolf you are pity lamb This is a phenomenon ov hate I am the plague bringer that is looking into your eyes Useless unconscious words Have broken the chains of anger I, immovable Superb Deserve a sight for disgust and hellish rage coincide Chorus: The pale naked face ov death Is looking into your scared eyes Through My honor and black hatred The evil will command My mind As the wolf slays the lamb My hands will crack your flesh and bones Enemy, now pray your fucked gods It’s coming soon the time to die The sky is turning red as squirting blood As My legions start the ride No fucking mercy to inferiors My weapons will be against you until you’ll be alive Chorus
A smoke soaked by human flesh Caressing the towers ov Treblinka And stains the sky by horror A horrible smell is disgressing in the air And fuse the human blood A smell ov death... Here the life is annihilated Animal Death… Death ov Soul Flesh materialized in ashes Death excited in contempt Love changed in hate Here is no humanity The evil founds him dimension ...the material to posses… ...the mind to command… ...the flames where burn… The evil here is everywhere… It’s all so terrible… It’s all so inhuman… It’s all so macabre… true.. And they make sure the proceeding ov all With cold blood, without any emotions They don’t hesitate to spread the death They don’t receive impulses ov compassion Married with the death, they diffuse the evil, the violence has no limit testing 12 millions ov deaths With rifle always loaded And two “Sieg” at the chest They make sure the genocide ov the mass United by the sing ov “Othala” Corporations ov security to assure the death and spread the horror White soldiers ov Lucifer… This is and was… the PURE EVIL
Saulė jau mirė už pilkų ir niūrių ažuolų šakų Sidabrinės žvaigždės jau spindi it akys tūkstančių ištroškusių vilkų Rūkas toks niūrus ir ledinis jau glosto mane Nesvarbu ar gyvas aš išliksiu rytojaus ryte… šią naktį manyje užges bet koks žmogiškas jausmas Tyras vėjas nusineš su savimi mano baimę ir mėsos skausmus širdies viduje pabudo plėšrūnas užuodęs aukos baimę Pykčiu verdantis kraujas dar kartą nori pajusti savo genties garbę ši naktis galbūt paskutinė… Išlupsiu akis ir širdį tiesas niekingas nešančiam priešui Paversiu pelenais jų visus kryžius baltus ir bažnyčias Nesvarbu, gal būt man tai kainuos ir gyvybę Už mano Dangų, Žemę ir Miškus garbingai išsižadėsiu jos šią naktį paskutinę! Vieniša, visų užmiršta, Mirties glėbįje mano siela Klajoja Mano amžinuose Namuose... Visada, nuo senai žali miškai Mano Namai Tyras Dangus, Žemė gimta amžini Mano Tėvai...
I use my philosophy to infect the sentences to eternal life… I turn the Lucifers against those who give birth to them I invoke the human intelligence to stir up the implosion ov the divine oligarchy The chaos gushing and give negativity to the universal equilibrium The black energies ov cosmos stain the matters The bastard matters who have infected the earth Now in the center ov the universe rise the pure difference between the wisdom and ignorance THE NEMESIS IS IN ACT!! Burning dogmas, processed by the fury ov time and history The fascination ov the metaphysics consuming the rotten atoms ov the young theologies While the animal intolerance with inductive methods crush the architectures ov the modern ethics And from the ancient cradles ov wisdom continue to shine the science The only religion that wasn’t decline in the abyss ov the hypocritical flames In my eyes rise the images ov desecrated temples And swindlers executed to death My autarchic wisdom absorb the essence ov the shining The shining ov the material who pierce the pupils ov those who have turned over by the lie My honor stiffen in front the warm ov my sun Him iconoclastic rays penetrate my black hearth And fills by fidelity my instincts and sensations A malignant smile rise from my soul I am worship the sun that warming my realities I open the gates ov my hells to desecrate the visions ov a possible end Cause I know that my sun has not a place where sunset…
I was running across a forest made by my anguish I was looking for a hiding place Suddenly I stop and I look in the sky All my life I was running to come here, to found something So I look in the sky and there is nothing... Desperate, submerged by my failure I stretch my hands, I wound my knees Needle ov the pines felled And they stick in my eyes Never more I will can see these non-existent eyes... My veins were dry up... And I be so cold... So cold and sad it's came when you are died inside When your world is lost, it's come to your weak soul The painful mental frost... I lie on the cold ground and I hear voices that are crawling on my skin... The voices ov my desperate mind "When your world is useless... When your soul is crying tears ov Christianized blood... When your eyes are look ever black... When you fall in the knees only because there is the gravity... When you feel so innocent by the disaster that you live… Don't torture your soul... Let it suffer all in peace, without any conscience Let it freeze by your primordial instincts Forbidden by your ghosts Let it freeze by the pain that you inflict to you for tolerate the madness Move to live in a never-ending winter Where all the useless are chased away by wind Where the snow covers all the harmful Where the mind has no time to think about others If it don't want die exposure... A Mental Frost that can't accept any weakness As esu zmogus, kuris nenori but zmogum Nes zmones daro geda siam nekaltam pasauliui As noreciau tapt vanduo arba zeme Kad nereiktu man kektet sio beprasmisko gyvenimo So cold and sad it's came when you are died inside When your world is lost, it's come to your weak soul The painful mental frost...
Lifeless hills, rock the darkness Freezing wind travel through snow covered lands Him wrath dance in the night After it’s vanish between the firs and oaks The snow is coming down like tears ov god Slowly, silently... The frost rolls up the forest The forest sink in the fog The snow absorb the white smoke The ground feed by frostbite Who can explain this cold? White dust ov snow make cold our frozen sorrow Black winds will bring our tears Cold moon… will eclipse our desperation Here's no sunlight for a human soul The only one who lives here is the frost Married with the moon They rules the lands ov shadows In the never ending November The silent hills breathe the cold winter The infinite Nordic sky Give the birth to the frost Here’s no love for who look for some hot Here’s no mercy to them who protect himself dressed by hypocrisy Them who aren’t responsible for their actions Will die frostbitten with him fear Who are slaves ov own ghosts Can’t found the exit in the forest Scandinavic frostbited lands rock the frost Your sons dressed with pain They never been cold… Bleeding trees stand silent without sorrow Death and suffer rules only (the) human spirits Necrostorms blow the crying souls Fresh, weak blood stain thousands deaths ov mortals Evil spread the black wings and fly Holy, white shadows fall in darkness Cold evil kiss the frost Two supreme justicers ov our sorrow Thousands ov white souls Condemned to a never ending winter When their raw flesh was trembling in the cold Their burning tears ov fire switch off in the snow The frost embrace our souls Emptiness and chaos damning us in darkness All we waiting the day The day that we shall say – “Here’s no life, we are all died…” Who can explain this cold? White dust ov snow make cold our frozen sorrow Black winds will bring our tears Cold moon… will eclipse our desperation
Išvaduota jėgų tamsoje išaustų Dvasios gelmėse bunda galia Dovanota rūsčių žvėriaveidžių Dievų Virš kariaunos iškyla kruvina vėliava Urzgia, staugia kariai, nuramint nepavyks Kraujo troškulio jų aršiose širdyse Kojos neša pirmyn, akys ieško aukos Mūšio pradžią paskelbs nuridenta galva Užvaldo krauju persisunkus aistra Ir akys įsiplieskia pykčio liepsna... Kraujas trykšta stulpais, stojas piestu žirgai Iš žaizdų kamuoliais veržias žuvusių vėlės Lauką gaubia migla, apžavų sukelta Iš landynių savų protuos smelkiasi žvėrys Temsta akys karių, aptaškytos krauju Tai, kas buvo žmogaus, tapo valioj žvėries Ginklus keitė nagai, veidai virto nasrais Priešą griebus ranka traiškė lokio jėga Pagimdyti vilkuų ir žindyti krauju Priešų kaukolėm žaidė užaugę miške Karo meną įvaldę iš Dievų uždraustų Gimę tam, kad numirtų mūšio lauke Verdantis kraujas trykšta jėga Mirties sėklą pasėja priešų širdyse Siaubas skaidė plačias maldininkų gretas Mirtis mynė jų vėliavas žemėn Kraujy skendo balti kryžnešių angelai Kryžium liko gulėt daugel kūnų kryžmų Melskis ar nesimelsk savo dievui, šunie Svetimšali kryžiuotu apsiaustu Tavo vardą ant žemės parašysiu krauju Ir išplėšiu šuns širdį iš krūtines tavos Su krauju atėjęs iš seniausių laikų Tartas siaubo sukaustytom lūpom Širdyje išraižytas nagu, paslėptas randu Užkeiktas kario ženklu vardas... VILKALOKIAI!


All tracks recorded and mixed at "16th Cellar" studio, Rome, March 2003 and April 2004.
LUCTUS "Warlike Hate and Grief"

Bylec-Tum / BTP06
All Rights Reserved © Bylec-Tum


released June 15, 2006


all rights reserved



Bylec-Tum Italy

Black Metal Label
From Italy

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